About TEIC

The Event Industry Conference

The Event Industry conference powered by APPOEMN. Event management has emerged over the past decade as a dynamic sector of the tourism and leisure industries. The number, diversity and popularity of events have also grown throughout this period. As the number of events increase, there is a growing realisation about continuing need to develop event management professionals who are able to create event, organise and manage events.

For as long as anyone can remember, people have celebrated. Celebration itself its perhaps the most common denominator we have, crossing all barriers of race, religion, age, ethnicity, politics, economics, education and geography. We celebrate birth, life and death, discovery, victory, remembrance, history, new beginings, patriotism, food, shelter, family, where we come from, who we are, what we believe, careers, achievement and milestones, music, agriculture, sports, military prowess, children, love, hopes, community, beauty, talent and peace on earth. The need to celebrate seems inherent in everything we do and touches virtually every life on the planet.

After years of thinking and talking about it, a few seasoned professionals got together and decided to finally make it happen. On Wednesday, 1st of August 2012, the Association of Professional Party organisers and event managers of Nigeria was created in an official launch ceremony at the city hall, Lagos.